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Covid-19 can go fuck itself! But don’t worry if you’re stuck indoors – Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are here to fuckin’ entertain you!

The Roach Approach – Fucked by COVID!

The Roach Approach with Pat Roach

We’ve been asked ‘Where the fuck is The Roach Approach this week’? Don’t fucking worry! Pat will return ASAP but with COVID-19 numbers in Nova Scotia at their highest levels ever, the approach ‘The Roach’ is taking is to stay the fuck home this week! We’ll bring you more news as we get it.

In the meantime, check out The Roach Approach’s 40 glorious fuckin’ broadcasts, and relive Pat’s Irish frig dancing, Best Friend Day with Robb, JP and Mike, his appearance in a Super Mario game, and the return of fuckin’ SWEAR MAN!!

New at SwearNet.com – All You Need is Love… and Free Money

On the latest lockdown broadcast from Ricky’s virtual kitchen: The Boys propose a toast to the victims of the terrible Nova Scotia shooting tragedy, and dream of a post-420 420 party with a pig roast and muscle hugs. Bubbles considers spending his free government money on automatic arse wipers, and Ricky writes a song about keeping safe from COVID-19!

Also: a duck gets Julian’s thumbs-up of the week!