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Exclusive to SwearNet – The Queens of Cape Breton, Tracy and Martina, have their own show! Join them as they sniff out the greasy fuckers taking advantage of good folk, and attempt clean up town!

Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds – Ma’s Nudes

Tracy's mom's nudes are all over the internet!

It’s the final episode of Dirty Deeds Season 1 – noooo!! We hope to see Tracy & Martina again real soon, but in the meantime you’re gonna see a LOT of Tracy’s mom…

Tracy’s mother Roxy had been takin dirty pictures of herself for years, ever since her waitressing days. I’m surprised they finally got leaked, too funny! I love Roxy, she’s a riot but Tracy was mortified when she fount out that not only was her Mother all over the internet flauntin her bombs, but she she had a secret boy toy that Tracy knew all too well…

Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds – Dustin & Nanny Carla

Dustin is dumb. Really dumb

Tracy here, and I don’t even know what to say about this episode. Nanny Carla and her “grandson” Dustin are dysfunctional as fuck. When Carla’s dog Missy went M.I.A. she called us goin on like a nut sayin that she needed someone to go find it. I could’ve cared less to go look but Martina convinced me, at least we got paid decent.

Just how fuckin’ dumb is Dustin? Watch Tracy & Martina now at SwearNet!

Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds – Cheryl Gets Poessed

Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds Episode 3

On this week’s dirrrty Dirty Deeds: The girls dance with the devil over a lost lottery ticket!

Tracy here, so listen, our frienemy Cheryl is greedy as hell… Plus her heads fuckin shot. Her husband Snooker is right sweet too, like an awesome human. So, after Snooker’s mother Bunny croaked you know Cheryl had to go lookin for her piece of the pie, in the form of a winning lottery ticket. Oh, I think she got possessed by the Devil too… Ever freaky!

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New Show! Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds

Welcome to SwearNet – Season 1 of Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds! Tell us the fuck about it, Tracy…

Tracy here and I’m roarin at this! So, Martina’s cranky old hag mother Anne is right lonely and apparently horny as hell! So, Anne signed up on a datin app. It’s a terrible though cause all she wanted was to get her rocks off… She did end up gettin fucked tho, but not in a good way… sin.


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