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Trailer Park Boys fans are some of the most talented fuckers in the world!

Trailer Park Fan Art!

Ray sings the Sunnyvale Blues

Jesus Murphy, you Trailer Park Boys fans are talented as fuck! This week, Ray sings the Sunnyvale blues – available from all shitty record stores for only three twennies! Thanks to Dino Gatto for his inspired (by the liquor?) Conray Twitty album cover. HAVE ANOTHER DRINK, RAY!!!

We’re always looking for mashups, memes and other works of art to share with our gazillions of fans on Facebook and Instagram. Your creation doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just make it funny and fucked! Got something to share? Send it along to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Fan Art Friday’ for the chance to be featured. 

Where In The FUCK?! Trailer Park street art

Banksy can go fuck himself – check out this Trailer Park street art from Bilbao Spain, Helsinki Finland, and Sydney Australia!


Bubbles street art, Bilbao


Bubbles street art, Helsinki


Ricky street art, Sydney Australia

Thanks to Sam Wheatley, Archie Gamble, and Delta Nine for sending these in!

Seen any awesome, funny, or just plain fucked Trailer Park Boys references in your country? Any fans living in exotic places, like a desert island or the side of a fucking volcano? Send a photo to [email protected]!

DEEECENT! Bubbles painting in progress

Check out the progress of this fucking AMAZING portrait of Bubbles, by artist Jason Borbet:



We can’t wait to see the finished painting. Watch out for further updates on Jason’s Twitter!