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Trailer Park Boys fans are some of the most talented fuckers in the world!

Trailer Park Boys goalie mask

Trailer Park Boys and hockey – you can’t get much more fuckin’ Canadian than that! Check out artist David Arrigo’s awesome work on this custom-painted goalie mask. It features Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (doing his best Johnny Cash impression) along with pot leaves, kitties, a ‘freedum’ 35 and even that little wooden prick Conky!

See more of David’s work at www.davidarrigo.com

TPB 1TPB 2Trailer Park Boys goalie mask - Julian

New at swearnet.com: Mailbag – Fuck Wikipedia, I’m Calling Johnny Depp

Robb, JP and Mike open the SwearNet MailbagIt’s time for another Mailbag, motherfuckers!! In today’s episode, Robb, JP and Mike receive a smelly portrait of Bubbles, the contents of Jeff’s shit closet clear-out, and have a fight about the origins of “fugazi”!

Do you have something fun and fucked to send the Boys for a future Mailbag episode? Send it to:

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