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Now streaming at SwearNet – Alright Lungs, Prepare To Blow A Load

It’s Thursday, it’s fucked, it’s time for Episode 3 of Trailer Park Boys: Jail! Ricky’s horny as fuck and ready to bang his new lady, Julian is worried about Terry’s influence, and Bubbles comes up with a colourful plan to deliver supplies. But things are about to blow up like a balloon mongoose… Watch now at SwearNet.com or download the app at the App Store or Google Play!


Remember the below so you don’t fuck yourself over:

1. Sign in or register BEFORE you do an in-app subscription purchase.

2. The app and website are identical – use your SwearNet.com email to sign into the app.

3. You can watch Trailer Park Boys: Jail on BOTH SwearNet.com and the app!