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“It’s a bit fucked if you ask me” – Bubbles

If you like your comedy fast, furious and FUCKED you’ve found your home right here at SwearNet.com!!!

The Roach Approach – Fucked by COVID!

The Roach Approach with Pat Roach

We’ve been asked ‘Where the fuck is The Roach Approach this week’? Don’t fucking worry! Pat will return ASAP but with COVID-19 numbers in Nova Scotia at their highest levels ever, the approach ‘The Roach’ is taking is to stay the fuck home this week! We’ll bring you more news as we get it.

In the meantime, check out The Roach Approach’s 40 glorious fuckin’ broadcasts, and relive Pat’s Irish frig dancing, Best Friend Day with Robb, JP and Mike, his appearance in a Super Mario game, and the return of fuckin’ SWEAR MAN!!

New at swearnet.com – Good Dope, Good Times

On today’s Trailer Park Boys Podcast: Holy fuck, Ricky is WASTED on this fine 420 Day! The Boys try to remember all the crazy shit that happened on tour, and work out how many burgers Randy has driven into his gut. They also discuss Star Trek, the Red Baron, and why Ricky ended up in Mexico.

PLUS: Bubbles sings the Monty Python Lumberjack Song!

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New at swearnet.com: TPB Podcast Episode 47 – Naked on Mushrooms in a London Drunk Tank

The Boys are having a poolside podcast!

Hurry up and watch this podcash before the dick hotel manager kicks the Boys out!!

The Boys are back with a poolside podcast and they smoked some FUCKED dope before this one.  The Boys discuss the things that animals do that humans can’t, ideas for a new hairdo for Bubbles, and Ricky talks about the wonderful year that was 1948.

Plus – ever wonder what the arsehole kids called Bubbles on the playground?  Now’s your chance to fucking find out!

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