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New on swearnet.com – The Wayne Gretzky Episode

Bubbles wears an Oilers jersey for podcast 99

The Boys are in a partying mood this week and they want to combine Canada’s 150th borntday with their 100th podcash episode!  So, you fuckers are getting a bonus podcash today, and the big fucker comes tomorrow!

On the latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, Bubbles has eight fucking pages of Gretzky stats, including the massive amount of hockey records he still holds.  Julian points out one major flaw in Bubbles’ tribute though – he’s wearing a Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers jersey instead of a Gretzky shirt.

Meanwhile, Ricky is pissed that he didn’t get his wish to have 99 joints of weed on the wall, 99 joints of weed.  This seems to have lit a fucking fire under his ass, making the SwearNet staff incredibly nervous about the magnitude of fuckery he will have planned for the 100th episode tomorrow!

The Boys also warn Julian about a lady who was arrested for allegedly kidnapping a ‘muscle man’ and forcing him to perform sexual favours.

PLUS: Find out why Ricky claims responsibility for the invention of the cell phone!

This week’s Wayne Gretzky episode of the podcash is brought to you by TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!

Julian’s Sunnyvale hockey jersey now available at the TPB Store!

Julian Sunnyvale hockey jersey, now available at the Trailer Park Boys store

Look what just landed at the official Trailer Park Boys store! Julian asked the TPB merch dicks to make him a limited-edition Sunnyvale hockey jersey just like Bubbles and Ricky’s, but with his own lucky number – and now you can buy one for yourself! 

Now you can look dope as fuck playing hash hockey, or just relaxing Julian-style with a rum & coke. Grab one soon before they’re gone!

Trailer Park Boys goalie mask

Trailer Park Boys and hockey – you can’t get much more fuckin’ Canadian than that! Check out artist David Arrigo’s awesome work on this custom-painted goalie mask. It features Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (doing his best Johnny Cash impression) along with pot leaves, kitties, a ‘freedum’ 35 and even that little wooden prick Conky!

See more of David’s work at www.davidarrigo.com

TPB 1TPB 2Trailer Park Boys goalie mask - Julian