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The Trailer Park Boys have their own range of scrump-dilly hot sauce, including DEEECENT Hot Sauce and Green Bastard verde flavours!

Green Bastard Hot Sauce – OH YEAHHH!!!

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles attempt to make a commercial for their scrump-dilly new Green Bastard hot sauce…

Coney Island Saucery’s decent new hot sauce is a ‘verde’ style featuring fresh notes of cilantro and citrus, tag teamed with garlic, earthy middle tones, ending with a gelapeno / serrano flying elbow to the throat!

Pairs well with dirty old chicken burgers, balon-a-log slices, tacos, skirt steak, hot dogs or any food you want to add a devastating blow of flavour. Sounds fucking good to us!!

Get yours at http://bit.ly/gbhotsauce OH YEAHHH!!

Trailer Park Boys Hot Sauce…. DEEECENT!


It’s here!!! Get your hands on the first, LIMITED EDITION batch of Trailer Park Boys Deeecent… Hot Sauce! It’s a Louisiana-style garlicky, silky-smooth sauce with just the right amount of heat. My fuck you’re gonna love it! 🌶️🍔🍗 

And if that wasn’t decent enough, every pre-order gets a chance to win 1 of 24 signed bottles by Ricky, Julian and Bubbles! GO THE FUCK HERE TO ORDER NOW: coneyislandsaucery.com/tpb

New on swearnet.com – The Six Foot Cock


It’s the Mailbag, mother fuckers!  On this episode, Mike discovers the vicious secrets behind the Dragon’s Blood hot sauce that nearly took his head off last week.

We have another contender for “package of the year” with an absolutely fucking bonanza from New York, including a SIX FOOT COCK.  Big Joe sends in some more DECENT shit, and the Boys get a butter maker, which is probably related to dope somehow.

This episode is brought to you by Mike Smith’s epic wine bender!

New on swearnet.com – Fucked Over by Dragon’s Blood


On today’s Mailbag (motherfucker), the Boys open a box from Hawaii that is in contention for PACKAGE OF THE YEAR!

As per usual, Mike tastes a bunch of hot sauces (and gets absolutely fucked over by one of them), the Boys get a shit apple, and a bunch of swearing cats.  They also get some DECENT fan art, in the form of a TPB comic!

We also learn a few things – limit your letters for the Boys to 10 words or less, and it might not be wise to ask for 200 tiny fucking autographs.