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New on swearnet.com – Grab an End!

Pat Roach struggles to move workout equipment

Pat Roach is ready to kick off his workout regiment on the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show, now on SwearNet!

The Boys have given Pat his own private space in SwearNet Studios where he can set up a personal gym and get into shape.  There’s just one problem – not one miserable fucker at SwearNet will help him move the equipment up the stairs to his workout room.

Will Pat’s positivity prevail?  Why in the fuck can’t Hugh the Office Dick lift anything?  Will Pat ever look like JP?  Tune in and find out!

New on swearnet.com – Heather’s Looking for a Date

Heather's on a date!

Has Heather been living under a rock?  Actually, yes, she has.

With a good solid hibernation behind her, Heather has awoken with a hunger for LOVIN’, and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.  All she needs is a smartphone (doesn’t have one) with a Tinder account (she’ll need to get some help with that), and NEXT STOP, ROMANCE!

So… what is Heather?  A samsquamptch of some sort?  A magnet maker?  Who the fuck knows, but if you’d like to see a day in her life, check out this episode of Cheap Smokes to get a bit of background information on this sexy beast!

New on swearnet.com: Jean Marie Is an ASSet!

Jean Marie splash

We’ve all been there – you feel like you’ve been doing the same job forever, with no raise, and no appreciation.  That’s how Jean Marie feels in her dead-end job at SwearNet studios, and she wants a promotion, damn it!

If Preston and company can’t see that she is an ASSet, then she’s going to show them that she’s an asset, YOU BET!  In the newest episode of Cheap Smokes, Jean Marie goes above and beyond to prove that she’s the best at… mopping walls?

If you’re like most of us at SwearNet and you are unsure about what the fuck Jean Marie actually does, you can check out an earlier video which chronicles a day in her life.  You still won’t have a fucking clue about her job, or if she even actually has one, but it’ll be fun to watch.