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J-Roc spits the tightest rhymes in Sunnyvale, nomesayin’? He also makes pimpin’ porno movies and the dopest vodka, nomesyain’? And he uses the word ‘nomesayin’ too many fucking times. PEACE!

Public Fuckin’ Service Announcement – Fakey Fakertons Fuck OFF!

T & J-Roc Trailer Park BoysWe’ve been getting reports about mawfs selling mawfs unlicensed TPB merchandise and making off with their $crilla, and some greasy bizzitches pretending to be Robb Wells on Facebook. THAT SHIT AIN’T TIGHT, NOMESAYIN?

The ONLY licensed and legit Trailer Park Boys merch sites are www.TPBstore.com and www.trailerparkboysgames.com – accept no imitations! And Robb Wells is not on Facebook, so if you’ve been friended by a Fakey Fakerton, tell them to FUCK OFF!!!


Trailer Park Tuesday – ROC Vodka

J-Roc creates more delicious ROC Vodka, nomesayin'

J-Roc’s latest fucked business enterprise, ROC Vodka. Delicious and tight as piss, nomesayin’?

We’ll post more behind-the-scenes images from the Trailer Park Boys Season 8 set every Tuesday. And if you’ve been living under your mom’s trailer and haven’t heard the news, the complete Seasons 1-7 of Trailer Park Boys are now available to watch on Netflix!