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Kitties are Bubbles’ favourite thing in the whole world (apart from Ricky and Julian, sassy liquor, and dancing with ladies down at the Legion.) Deedle-deedle!

Trailer Park Boys Season 11 begins production!

Bubbles feeds his kitty on the set of TPB11!

It’s that time of year again – the camera crews are back at Sunnyvale Trailer Park! We can’t fucking wait to see what Ricky, Bubbles, Lahey, Randy and the other residents are up to this year… and where in the flyin’ fuck is our beloved Julian?

Watch out for more behind-the-scenes videos exclusively at swearnet.com in the coming days! We’ll also be sharing photos and vids from the set on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (follow TPBofficial for all the latest greasy snaps!)

Fan Art Friday: Kitty kisses

Bubbles with a big kitty!That’s one decent looking kitty, Bubbles… Thanks to Aaron White for this fucked Bubbles portrait!

Created any awesome Trailer Park Boys or SwearNet artwork? Send it to us at theboys@swearnet.com and you could be featured on Fan Art Friday!

New at swearnet.com: Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 5 – Supercat

Trailer Park Boys Podcast Episode 5 - SupercatTrailer Park Boys Podcast Episode Five is now available to watch  on swearnet.com!

Only an idiot gets injured making a podcast – and this week, that idiot is Ricky! Preston the TPB crew guy also spills the beans about Ricky’s bad behaviour on set.

Also: Bubbles tells a tall tale about his kitty Ronnie Pumpkin, Julian gets excited about a greasy tuna scheme, and the boys reveal next week’s awesome guest…


Episode Five is brought to you by the world-famous El Mocambo live music venue, 464 Spadina Ave, Toronto!