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Kitties are Bubbles’ favourite thing in the whole world (apart from Ricky and Julian, sassy liquor, and dancing with ladies down at the Legion.) Deedle-deedle!

Help Bubbles & Vince the Pince help the kitties!


Bubbles & Vince the Pince raise money for kitties

Bubbles and the Vince the Pince need your help! They have entered the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies’ Cats & Bros contest! For a donation of $1, you can vote for Bubbles and Vince and help kitties in need across Canada. The 13 entries with the most votes will also become “2016 Cats & Bros” calendar pinup models! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!

If you are not able to donate, please share this link with your friends…. Let’s get Bubbles and Vince to #1!!

Trailer Park Boys goalie mask

Trailer Park Boys and hockey – you can’t get much more fuckin’ Canadian than that! Check out artist David Arrigo’s awesome work on this custom-painted goalie mask. It features Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (doing his best Johnny Cash impression) along with pot leaves, kitties, a ‘freedum’ 35 and even that little wooden prick Conky!

See more of David’s work at www.davidarrigo.com

TPB 1TPB 2Trailer Park Boys goalie mask - Julian

TPB Throwback Thursday: Bubbles and Jenny

Bubbles and Jenny from Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor DayWe’re going fuckin’ kitty crazy at SwearBlog this week! For today’s archive photo, here’s a sweet-as-fuck scene from Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day, and a happy kitty moment for Bubbles and his girlfriend Jenny. Shame it didn’t work out between them, but at least Bubbles will always have his kitties to love…

Are there any classic TPB scenes or characters you’d like to see featured on a future Throwback Thursday? Let us know and we’ll try and find a photo!

Bubbles’ Cute Kitty photo contest – vote now!

Vote for the cutest kitty in Bubbles' photo contestThanks to all the 5,500+ entries in Bubbles’ Cute Kitty photo contest! That’s a lot of nice fuckin’ kitties right there. Public voting has now started, and you can vote for your favourite kitties every day until 4:20pm EST, Monday 26 January. Click here to cast your votes!

And A BIG THANK YOU to those who have donated to the Bide Awhile animal shelter – please donate whatever you can here: http://bit.ly/1syg6lK