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Laura is one half of outrageous comedy duo Cheap Smokes – watch their hilarious, greasy and downright dirty sketch show at SwearNet.com!

New on swearnet.com – Executing the Perfect Blind Date


Nothing beats the excitement of a blind date!  On today’s episode of Cheap Smokes, Laura can barely contain herself!

You always want to put your best foot forward on a blind date.  You never know who you might meet – it could be your soul mate!  Remember when Heather the samsquamptch found a man on Tinder?!  It was love at first sight!

But sometimes, a desire to ‘make a splash’ can push people to take things too far.  To find out if Laura finds “the one” on her blind date, watch now on SwearNet.com!


New on swearnet.com – Taking It to the Fucking Streets


Mike fuckin Smith cooked up a brilliant idea for the latest episode of Cheap Smokes.

In the interest of healthy cocksucking fucking competition, he challenged Kaitlin and Laura to go down to the Halifax waterfront and order food while trying to slip as many fucking swear words into their conversations as possible.

Who will curse the most?  Will the grumpy old man tell Kaitlin to watch her fucking mouth?  Will the fish and chips girls call the cocksucking police?  Find the fuck out!

New on swearnet.com – Jean Marie and the Self Tape


Jean Marie works her butt off and she isn’t going to miss an opportunity at stardom, you bet!

On the latest Cheap Smokes, Laura is trying her best to put together an audition tape for an upcoming musical.  But when you’re in Jean Marie’s space, you have Jean Marie to contend with.  And when SwearNet’s multi-talented custodian sees a camera, look the fuck out.

… guess this means Jean Marie didn’t get that promotion she was working for, the last time we saw her

New on swearnet.com – Carpet Munchers

Cheap Smokes Carpet Munchers

Husband and wife duo Candace and Chip are ready to take the world by storm – by munching YOUR carpet.

On the newest episode of Cheap Smokes, we learn about the Carpet Munchers, an unstoppable business that is open from 5am to 10pm, 365 days a year.  Find out how wife Candace is able to use her uniquely robust pectoral muscles, along with her uniquely boney husband Chip, to smooth out even the most stubborn lumps in your carpet!

New on swearnet.com – After Heather’s One-Night Stand…


Aint that the way it goes.  One minute you’re having a hot one-night stand, the next, you’re… visiting the doctor.  On the newest episode of Cheap Smokes, Heather the samsquamptch is nervous that she might have a wee samsquamptch growing inside her!

A few short weeks ago, Heather was hungry for love, got herself a Tinder account, and found herself a man!  But in the heat of passion, she might not have taken the safest route, and now she’s left wondering what to do next!

And to make matters worse, she’s found a very suspicious lump… “down there.”  No question, her sexy man-child of a fucking doctor has his work cut out for him!

Is Heather in mortal danger?  Is Heather Jr. on the way?  Will her doctor survive his encounter with the ravenous samsquamptch?  Tune in and find out!

Cheap Smokes comedy duo chat to SwearBlog!

Cheap Smokes comedy at swearnet.comHave you checked out hilarious comedy duo CHEAP SMOKES on SwearNet yet? During September, the girls visited Halifax and filmed some fucked new comedy sketches for us. They tell us what it was like working at the SwearNet studio!

Our experience on SwearNet was honestly a fucking wet dream come true. We have never had the chance to work with such an amazing and hard working crew before.

We filmed a shit ton of original comedy sketches that even the boys think are “fucked!” We can’t wait for the fans to see it and we hope that our parents never ever watch them. Seriously Mom and Dad, trust us… just don’t.

Cheap Smokes with Pat "Randy" Roach
Pat Roach gets in on the action!

We’re looking forward to working more with this new dysfunctional SwearNet family of ours. Stay tuned for weekly Cheap Smokes videos. Please enjoy responsibly. We hope we pass with flying fucking carpets! 😉 

 Love Kaitlin & Laura  aka. CHEAP SMOKES


Cheap Smokes filming in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Laura takes one for the team and roams around Halifax dressed as a giant fucking weiner.

There’s a new episode of Cheap Smokes RIGHT THE FUCK HERE!!!