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Marguerite is Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s most formidable senior, and tells it like it fucking is! Ricky famously fucked up her bathroom in TPB Season 12.

New on swearnet.com – Bubbles Reports from Sunnyvale Again

Bubbles interviews Randy and Lahey on the set of TPB12

Bubbles is back with another SwearNet live report from the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 12!

In this episode, Bubbles interviews (well, mainly fucks with) a bunch of dicks in Sunnyvale, including Randy, Lahey (who is recovering from a terrible rash and is pretty fucked up because he has been mixing liquor and pills), Ricky, and Marguerite.

Bubbles also talks to Bobby Farrelly, director of Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary, and guest of Podcash Episode 45!

PLUS: Preston gets a firm warning about how he should be treating the park residents!

Now on iTunes & Libsyn: Smaller Buns in 2017!

Lahey and Randy are celebrating New Year's Eve

It was a New Year’s celebration so fucking epic and liquor-soaked that Lahey and Randy are only just recovering now (Lahey had a brunch of liquorball sandwiches that seem to clear the fog).

Now you can listen FOR FUCKING FREE to the audio version of the New Year’s Eve shit-show on iTunes and Libsyn.

This episode features a pledge from Randy to eat more beef and bacon but to cut down on the size of his burger guns — high protein and low carbs.  It also features the return of Marguerite, who is fucking pissed because a certain drunk-as-fuck trailer park supervisor failed to follow through on a promise he made to Marguerite when she joined the Christmas episode of the Lahey and Randy show.

But the fuckin fun don’t stop there – even more guests join the show!  A Halifax radio host returns with a fierce passion, and the office dicks at SwearNet find themselves dragged in front of the camera by Lahey for a liquored sing-along!

New on swearnet.com – Smaller Buns in 2017!

Mr. Lahey and Randy celebrate the New Year with a little drinky-poo!

Randy and Lahey welcome you to celebrate the New Year with them on the latest episode of The Jim Lahey Show (and Randy)!  Well, with Randy, anyway… Lahey begins the show in a deep liquor sleep.

Randy reflects on 2016 and makes some resolutions for the new year — more burger, less bun!  Speaking of burgers, Randy’s Kitchen features the “New Year’s Burger” made up of holiday leftovers, with plenty of vegetables (onion rings).

Plus: a range of guests stop by – Marguerite (and she’s PISSED), Bobby Mac (and he’s FIRED UP), and the whole fucking SwearNet crew sing a few holiday tunes.

New on swearnet – A Shit Hawk in a Shit Tree

Mr. Lahey, Randy, and Marguerite enjoy a Christmas sippy-poo!

Mr. Lahey is in high spirits for the Jim Lahey Show and Randy Christmas special!  He won some cash on the VLTs and is buying everyone in Sunnyvale a gift, even the shit weasels! He also presents the recipe which got him nominated for a Nobel Peace prize, the “Fruitcake Liquorball Sandwich.”

Not to be outdone, on Randy’s Kitchen, Randers puts together Christmas Burgers, and gives Lahey the gift of liquor.

PLUS: A special guest from the park joins the celebrations!


Now on iTunes and Libsyn – Marguerite is here for Episode 69!


It’s episode 69 and Marguerite is in the fucking trailer for the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast, now available on iTunes and Libsyn!

On this episode, Ricky explains what Bryan Adams was really singing about when he wrote Summer of 69, and reminiscences about the time he met the legendary rocker.  Plus: Marguerite reveals a scandalous story from her past involving Ricky’s dad.

This podcash is brought to you by the Official Trailer Park Boys Merch store, which is exactly where you want to buy all your fucking holiday gifts!

New on swearnet.com – What Bryan Adams was REALLY Singing About


The latest episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast happens to be number 69, so you can take an easy guess as to what the fuck the Boys spend most of the show talking about.

The Boys welcome long-time Sunnyvale resident Marguerite to the podcash, and she reveals a shocking secret about her past with Ricky’s dad!  Plus: Ricky talks about the time he met Bryan Adams and learned the story behind one of his most famous songs, and hear about the man that beat the shit out of a shark!

This podcash is brought to you by the Official Trailer Park Boys Merch store, which is featuring HUGE GREASY DIRTY deals as we launch into the fucking holiday season!


Putting the GRAM in Instagram

Sunnyvale is crawling with camera dicks for the filming of Season 11, and one of those camera cocks hijacked the Trailer Park Boys Instagram account.

If you happen to be a Sam-Losco-caveman who doesn’t give a fuck about Instagram, here’s a peek at what you’ve been missing!

Day 3 in the park. Nice to fuckin’ see you too, Marguerite! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

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Day 3 in the park. SHITMOBILE! Alive and well. #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 4 in the park. It’s Bubbs turn to cook supper. Grilled Chip Sandwiches and Onion Rings Scrum-dilly! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 14 in the park. The ole Shitliner is coming to port, and I’ll be there to tie her up. #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

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Day 13 in the park. Mo’s favourite toy. #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 14 in the park. How my fuck don’t suck ya teeth at me! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 17 in the park. The Ladies! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys @sarahdunsworth

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