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From Green Bastard hoodies to houndstooth shirts and dope smoking gear – get your official TPB merch at trailerparkboysmerch.com

New Trailer Park Boys t-shirts available!

Trailer Park Boys t-shirtsGreat fucking news!! We now have 14 NEW Trailer Park Boys t-shirts available for pre-sale at the official TPB Store!

Inspiration comes from Season 9 of the show, and designs include Willy Goat, Mystic Fingers salon, Sunnyvale Plaza, Sam-squamptch, and of course Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. We’ve also got t-shirts from S to XXXL Cheeseburger Locker size, and girly-fit tees for the ladies. Facking deeecent!!!

Public Fuckin’ Service Announcement – Fakey Fakertons Fuck OFF!

T & J-Roc Trailer Park BoysWe’ve been getting reports about mawfs selling mawfs unlicensed TPB merchandise and making off with their $crilla, and some greasy bizzitches pretending to be Robb Wells on Facebook. THAT SHIT AIN’T TIGHT, NOMESAYIN?

The ONLY licensed and legit Trailer Park Boys merch sites are www.TPBstore.com and www.trailerparkboysgames.com – accept no imitations! And Robb Wells is not on Facebook, so if you’ve been friended by a Fakey Fakerton, tell them to FUCK OFF!!!