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Nova Scotia, Canada is the home of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. And one of the most beautiful places on Earth (apart from the Sunnyvale dump and those fucking dump bees)

The Roach Approach – Fucked by COVID!

The Roach Approach with Pat Roach

We’ve been asked ‘Where the fuck is The Roach Approach this week’? Don’t fucking worry! Pat will return ASAP but with COVID-19 numbers in Nova Scotia at their highest levels ever, the approach ‘The Roach’ is taking is to stay the fuck home this week! We’ll bring you more news as we get it.

In the meantime, check out The Roach Approach’s 40 glorious fuckin’ broadcasts, and relive Pat’s Irish frig dancing, Best Friend Day with Robb, JP and Mike, his appearance in a Super Mario game, and the return of fuckin’ SWEAR MAN!!

New on swearnet.com – Hurricane Ricky

The Boys start the podcash by opening cans of TPB Freedom 35 lager

On the latest edition of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast – the Boys feel bad for everyone affected by those big cocksucking hurricanes!

The Boys talk about ways to protect Sunnyvale from a hurricane, and remember when Hurrican Juan fucked over Nova Scotia. Bubbles wants to get his shed above the flood line, and figures out how to keep the electricity on! PLUS: Holy fuck, Bubbles needs some sleep. He swears he saw a squirrel running around the park in pink underwear!

The TPB Podcast is brought to you by SwearNet.com (the ONLY place where you can watch the video version of the podcash), Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky, Freedom 35 Lager, and TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!

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New on swearnet – Jim Lahey HATES Halloween!

Randy and Jim are ready for Halloween on the Jim Lahey Show & Randy!

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to have a Halloween theme for the latest episode of The Jim Lahey Show and Randy.

Though Randy is full of enthusiasm (candy, dressing up, oh my!), we are reminded that Mr. Lahey HATES Halloween, due to the traumatic incidents of Halloween 1977.  The painful memories turn Lahey into the LIQUOR.

But, the show must go on!  Randy prepares some BRAIN BURGERS for “Randy’s Kitchen” and Mr. Lahey shows us some footage of a boozy boat trip that he and Randy took to Nova Scotia’s most famous landmark, Peggy’s Cove!

Trailer Park Boys join rally to save NS film industry!

The Trailer Park Boys cast and crew were out in force at Wednesday’s rally in Halifax to support the Nova Scotia film and TV industry.


Trailer Park Boys at rally to save Nova Scotia film industry Trailer Park Boys at rally to save Nova Scotia film industry Trailer Park Boys at rally to save Nova Scotia film industry Trailer Park Boys at rally to save Nova Scotia film industryIt isn’t just about Sunnyvale! Many other TV shows and movies are produced in Nova Scotia. Recent productions include Haven, The Book of Negroes, Lizzie Borden, Jessie Stone, Moby Dick, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and of course Mr. D, which stars TPB favourites Jonathan Torrens and Gerry “suck it, Donny” Dee! Let’s hope the politicians listen and ‪#‎SaveSunnyvale‬ and 2,000+ ‪#‎NSFilmJobs‬!


The future of TPB and other Nova Scotia-based productions are at risk!

The Nova Scotia government is proposing to cut the Film & Television Tax Credit, a vital credit that helps produce amazing shows and movies in the province – INCLUDING TRAILER PARK BOYS!

Please watch and share this video, write to [email protected], tweet @NSFinance and use the hashtag #SaveSunnyvale. There’s more information about the issue HERE. Thanks for any help you can give us!