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Ray LaFleur is Ricky’s sometimes wheelchair-bound, alway drunk father. He loves his rigs, greasy friends of the road, VLTs and piss jugs! Way she goes.

Trailer Park Fan Art!

Ray sings the Sunnyvale Blues

Jesus Murphy, you Trailer Park Boys fans are talented as fuck! This week, Ray sings the Sunnyvale blues – available from all shitty record stores for only three twennies! Thanks to Dino Gatto for his inspired (by the liquor?) Conray Twitty album cover. HAVE ANOTHER DRINK, RAY!!!

We’re always looking for mashups, memes and other works of art to share with our gazillions of fans on Facebook and Instagram. Your creation doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just make it funny and fucked! Got something to share? Send it along to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Fan Art Friday’ for the chance to be featured. 

New at swearnet.com: Ask Me Fucking Anything with Ricky – Toke 3!

Ricky ashes a joint out the car window

Start your fucking week in style – it’s time for the third and final toke in Ricky’s Ask Me Fucking Anything!

Ricky shares his opinions on cats, George Green, and the man he calls TRONALD DUMP!  Plus, find out what the international smoking icon calls his favourite strain of dope.  And, if you need some suggestions for the best music to bang to, Ricky’s got your ass covered.

Stay tuned for more AMFA’s from the crazy bastards at Sunnyvale!