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J-Roc’s ROC Vodka is tight as piss, nomesyain’? Available in Booberry, Ban-Orange, Apple Cizzinimon and Pizzamagranite flavours, only at Sunnyvale Trailer Park!

New on swearnet.com – Let the Liquor Do the Bowling

Lahey is no longer banned from the bowling alley

Not all stories can be told from an arm chair.  On today’s episode of Liquor Stories with James Lahey, Lahey takes us out of his liquor parlour and into the Sunnyvale Bowling Alley!

Twenty years ago, in 1997, Jim Lahey was at the top of his bowling game.  Unfortunately, he was not wearing the regulation bowling pants, and was disqualified, robbed of his trophy, and banned from the bowling alley for 20 years.

Well, the shit clock has reached the end of its countdown, and now Lahey is free to return to the bowling alley and right a 20-year-old wrong.

Will he win back his championship?

Will he get drunk as fuck?

Will he wear regulation pants?

Will he wear pants at all?

One thing’s for sure.  He’ll be letting the liquor do the bowling.

Trailer Park Tuesday – ROC Vodka

J-Roc creates more delicious ROC Vodka, nomesayin'

J-Roc’s latest fucked business enterprise, ROC Vodka. Delicious and tight as piss, nomesayin’?

We’ll post more behind-the-scenes images from the Trailer Park Boys Season 8 set every Tuesday. And if you’ve been living under your mom’s trailer and haven’t heard the news, the complete Seasons 1-7 of Trailer Park Boys are now available to watch on Netflix!