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New on swearnet.com – Sarah Answers Fucking Anything (Almost)

Sarah answers questions on the TPB set

In the latest video from the set of Trailer Park Boys Season 12, Sarah is answering your questions!

She’s answering almost fucking anything, all except for a fucked up fuck/marry/kill scenario that she didn’t want to touch… which in fairness was a FUCKED question.  She talks about how she spends her spare time, whether or not she wants to run the park, and answers a number of romantic questions about Jacob, Cory, Trevor, and… Ricky.

She also reveals how she has somehow stayed so young, after so many taxing fucking years in the park (but adds that she doesn’t really give a fuck about looking young).

New on swearnet.com – Sunnyvale Celebrates Canada’s Borntday

The Boys had a fuckload of Canada Day liquor ready to go for Canada’s 150th borntday, so they figured they might as well combine the occasion with their 100th podcash and really get ‘er goin!

On today’s episode of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast, the Boys are celebrating right in the middle of Sunnyvale and they’re rolling out the red carpet for Trinity, Sarah, Jacob, and Cory.  They even invite some of the website and camera dicks in front of the camera!

This epic episode of the podcash is brought to you TrailerParkBoysMerch.com!

QUESTIONS NEEDED – #TPB12 Ask Me Fucking Anything

Ask these dicks fucking anything!The camera dicks are back in Sunnyvale and the pricks at SwearNet want to have some “Ask Me Fucking Anythings” with the idiot residents of the park.

If you have questions for any of the people in the picture above, write them in the comment section and we’ll be sure to bother the fuck out of them and try to capture it on camera!

Now on SnapChat: Sarah and Trinity live from Sunnyvale!

Good morning fuckers!  Sarah and Trinity have hijacked the Snapchat account and will be sending out snaps all day.  Catch some behind-the-scenes footage from Season 11 (so long as Randy’s greasy gut doesn’t block the shot).

If you don’t know what the fuck Snapchat is, try downloading it to your smart device and testing it out today with the ladies of Sunnyvale.  Once you have the cocksucker downloaded, add the Trailer Park Boys official account using this info:

TPBofficial on Snapchat!

Also, don’t forget Sarah’s upcoming ASK ME FUCKING ANYTHING – if you have questions, let us know!

Putting the GRAM in Instagram

Sunnyvale is crawling with camera dicks for the filming of Season 11, and one of those camera cocks hijacked the Trailer Park Boys Instagram account.

If you happen to be a Sam-Losco-caveman who doesn’t give a fuck about Instagram, here’s a peek at what you’ve been missing!

Day 3 in the park. Nice to fuckin’ see you too, Marguerite! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 3 in the park. SHITMOBILE! Alive and well. #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 4 in the park. It’s Bubbs turn to cook supper. Grilled Chip Sandwiches and Onion Rings Scrum-dilly! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 14 in the park. The ole Shitliner is coming to port, and I’ll be there to tie her up. #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 13 in the park. Mo’s favourite toy. #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 14 in the park. How my fuck don’t suck ya teeth at me! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on

Day 17 in the park. The Ladies! #TPB11 #trailerparkboys @sarahdunsworth

A photo posted by TRAILER PARK BOYS (@trailerparkboysofficial) on


Keep an eye on SwearNet.com for behind-the-scenes footage, and try dusting the cave-dirt off your greasy gut and follow the Boys on Snapchat for some DECENT snaps, live from Sunnyvale!

TPBofficial on Snapchat!

Fuckin’ world pipe!