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In TPB Season 8, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are back with greasy new schemes to strike it rich and get out of the trailer park, despite the interference of their vengeful park supervisor Jim Lahey and his shirtless toady Randy.

New on swearnet.com – The Kitties Need Crab Shampoo

Three Trailer Park Cats get really baked

The cats are really fucking baked for the latest episode of Trailer Park Cats! 

Kitty Bubbles attempts to go into a laundromat, stoned as fuck, which goes to shit.  Guns are involved in an attempt to get 22 bottles of crab shampoo at the nearby pharmacy, and pretty soon, the cops show up.  But they’re more concerned with the disturbance at the laundromat!

This animated feline take on a DECENT episode from Trailer Park Boys Season 8 comes to you from the fucked mind of Scott Wagner!

Trailer Park Tuesday – ROC Vodka

J-Roc creates more delicious ROC Vodka, nomesayin'

J-Roc’s latest fucked business enterprise, ROC Vodka. Delicious and tight as piss, nomesayin’?

We’ll post more behind-the-scenes images from the Trailer Park Boys Season 8 set every Tuesday. And if you’ve been living under your mom’s trailer and haven’t heard the news, the complete Seasons 1-7 of Trailer Park Boys are now available to watch on Netflix!