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Anyone who doesn’t like swearing can catch a boat to Fuckoffity land!

New on swearnet.com – Taking It to the Fucking Streets


Mike fuckin Smith cooked up a brilliant idea for the latest episode of Cheap Smokes.

In the interest of healthy cocksucking fucking competition, he challenged Kaitlin and Laura to go down to the Halifax waterfront and order food while trying to slip as many fucking swear words into their conversations as possible.

Who will curse the most?  Will the grumpy old man tell Kaitlin to watch her fucking mouth?  Will the fish and chips girls call the cocksucking police?  Find the fuck out!

Holy flyin’ #$%&! – swearing ban hits Alberta town

No fucking swearing!What in the FUCK?!?! The town of Taber, Alberta, has banned swearing in public. Swearists caught uttering fucked-up profanities could be slapped with a fine!

Let’s help the poor residents of Taber out and come up with some non-swearing swearwords! Your suggestions so far:

  • Cunderthunt
  • Muckin’ futch
  • Chuck my taber
  • Fupp off
  • Nuckin’ futs
  • Pottle-deep hedge pig
  • Forking icehole
  • Buck futter
  • Cork soakers
  • Shucking fit
  • Cupid stunt
  • Corn sucker
  • Fuddermucker
  • Cuddle muncher
  • Toad poker


Check out the full story here: http://metronews.ca/news/calgary/1307772/embarrassing-new-bylaw-in-taber-alberta-outlaws-swearing-restricts-public-assembly/