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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s SwearNet’s own cheeseburger eating, sweary as fuck superhero! NOW FUCK OFFFFF!!!!

SwearNet Studios – Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? Oh My Fuck, It’s…

An out-of-control SwearMan wrestles on the roof with JP

Fans are deserting the good ship SwearNet like shit rats, Robb’s in a rage about Road Rage, and Chipper’s about to get his ass fired. If only there was some kind of superhero who could fly in and save the day…

We can’t show you a YouTube clip as they RESTRICTED IT FOR BEING TOO FUCKED!!! Fuck offfff, YouTube! Better get over to SwearNet.com and the SwearNet app to watch the whole greasy horror show!

New on swearnet.com – Pat’s in a Funk

Mike Smith hugs Pat Roach

Pat Roach makes his epic return to SwearNet studios on the latest episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show!

In the last episode, Pat told the Boys over the phone that he has been busy working out, banging, and holding down a job.  But Robb, JP, and Mike quickly learn that Pat’s been bullshitting them.  Truth is, he’s been drinking, eating donairs, playing video games, and probably beating off most of the time.

So the Boys pitch an idea for Pat to both get out of his funk, and also create some create SwearNet content.

Mike eventually wants Pat back in the SwearMan suit, but he is met with resistance.  Will we ever see SwearMan again?!

New on swearnet.com – Return of the Real Fucking Reality Show!

The Boys are busy as fuck and Christmas is around the corner, but SwearNet needs more fucking content so Mike fires up the cameras and resumes the Real Fucking Reality Show!  Luckily, they’re going to have some help, in the form of Pat fucking Roach.

Mike dug out Pat’s old contract, and it turns out that foul-mouthed fucker owes the Boys six more months of work at SwearNet!

Can the Boys tear Pat away from his personal trainer?  Will SwearMan return?  Does Chipper actually get stoned at work?  Tune into the Real Fucking Reality Show to find out!