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SwearNet Studios is where the fucking magic happens! Shows include Liquor Stories with Jim Lahey, Dear Julian, Gettin’ Learnt with Ricky and more!

SwearNet Studios – Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? Oh My Fuck, It’s…

An out-of-control SwearMan wrestles on the roof with JP

Fans are deserting the good ship SwearNet like shit rats, Robb’s in a rage about Road Rage, and Chipper’s about to get his ass fired. If only there was some kind of superhero who could fly in and save the day…

We can’t show you a YouTube clip as they RESTRICTED IT FOR BEING TOO FUCKED!!! Fuck offfff, YouTube! Better get over to SwearNet.com and the SwearNet app to watch the whole greasy horror show!

New on swearnet.com – The Boys Are Fucked (also, writing again)

The Boys are dressed up for a State of the Union address

The Boys are back with another State of the Union address, and boy are they fucked!

Robby Redman, some guy having a good time, and Feel-What’s-In-Me-Pockets have some big fuckin’ news for you dicks.  They’re in the writer’s room, working on not one but TWO projects!  They also have news on Liquormen’s, SwearnetStudios.com, and they reveal the dormant SwearNet show that’s about to roar back from hibernation!

Plus: Mike has exclusive instructions on how to optimize your listening experience when checking out the EDM version of Liquor & Whores on Spotify!