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SwearNet.com is the online comedy network of the Trailer Park Boys. Watch exclusive videos and get drunk and high with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles!

New at swearnet.com – Stanley Cup Thursday Edition!


Trailer Park Boys Podcast episode 147

No, we haven’t got the date fucked up, it’s the THURSDAY Stanley Cup Edition of the Trailer Park Boys Podcast! Forget the fucking Julianator, the Boys brainstorm some new greasy Julian-flavoured merch, and Ricky also has reason to believe that there will be 25 hours in the day SOON. Plus: why are peacocks fucking dumb?!


You can listen to the Trailer Park Boys Podcast later today on iTunes, Spotify, and Libsyn!

New at swearnet.com – We Didn’t Fucking Ask You Anything with Pat Roach

On today’s episode of the Real Fucking Reality Show, Pat decides to ask himself some questions and spill the beans about working at SwearNet. Who makes him burgers? Who’s a greasy fucking liar? Who’s always stoned as fuck? Also: learn some useless bird facts!


And don’t forget to tune into the Trailer Park Boys Podcast tomorrow when Bubbles’ special guest will be revealed!!

Trailer Park Boys 360: Tour Bubbles’ Shed!

The camera dicks at SwearNet hooked Bubbles up with a 360 camera and he’s taking it for a spin.  And where in the fuck do you think he’s going to set up shop first?

Only the most DECENT shed on the planet – that’s where!

Take a tour of the Sunnyvale homestead with Bubbles as your guide, and have a look at what he keeps in there. If you’re asking ‘will there be a kitty cameo?’  – all we can say is ‘does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?’

SwearNet’s Greasy Little Summer Photo Contest

Greasy Outdoors photo contest at SwearNet

Put down your Pokefuck Go app and go spend some REAL time outside!  Whether it’s a liquor picnic at the beach, extreme dirty burger BBQing, or a piss jug road trip, we want to see photos of how you enjoy the GREASY outdoors.

Our photo contest starts today – and you have three weeks to upload your photo.  After that, tell your arsehole friends that they have one week to vote for your picture.  The person with the most votes will win a DECENT prize pack, plus a one-year subscription to SwearNet!  Runners-up will also receive SwearNet subs.

You can read the full cocksucking contest details and enter by clicking here.


Win Trailer Park Boys swag

Win a RARE SwearNet cap, Dirty Burger apron, a beer coozie, a Green Bastard t-shirt, and a DECENT signed picture from the Boys. Plus – one free fucking year of SwearNet!

Summertime, and the living is GREASY!