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Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds – Ma’s Nudes

Tracy's mom's nudes are all over the internet!

It’s the final episode of Dirty Deeds Season 1 – noooo!! We hope to see Tracy & Martina again real soon, but in the meantime you’re gonna see a LOT of Tracy’s mom…

Tracy’s mother Roxy had been takin dirty pictures of herself for years, ever since her waitressing days. I’m surprised they finally got leaked, too funny! I love Roxy, she’s a riot but Tracy was mortified when she fount out that not only was her Mother all over the internet flauntin her bombs, but she she had a secret boy toy that Tracy knew all too well…

Tracy & Martina: Dirty Deeds – Dustin & Nanny Carla

Dustin is dumb. Really dumb

Tracy here, and I don’t even know what to say about this episode. Nanny Carla and her “grandson” Dustin are dysfunctional as fuck. When Carla’s dog Missy went M.I.A. she called us goin on like a nut sayin that she needed someone to go find it. I could’ve cared less to go look but Martina convinced me, at least we got paid decent.

Just how fuckin’ dumb is Dustin? Watch Tracy & Martina now at SwearNet!