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The Trailer Park Boys have their own YouTube channel! Check out some archive videos, clips from Sunnyvale, and the fucked goings-on at SwearNet.com!

Trailer Park Boys 360: Sunnyvale

Bubbles is back with his DECENT 360 camera and he’s giving you a VR look at the finest trailer park on the planet – Sunnyvale!

He puts the camera square in the middle of Ricky’s trailer (and Shitmobile), Bubbles’ shed, Julian’s trailer — and stay tuned for a guest appearance by a shirtless dickweed.

Last week, Bubbles showed us the inside of his shed in 360 VR and the internet is fucking loving it!

Trailer Park Boys Podcast “Hungry Birds” now on YouTube

Trailer Park Boys Podcast archive videos are now available on our YouTube channel!

Check out the second episode of the podcast, where Ricky, Julian and Bubbles bicker over hosting duties, and discuss the latest greasy entertainment news.

SwearNet subscribers get to see new all-new video podcasts every week, so join up and treat yourself to some hilarious entertainment for the holidays. After all, it’s nearly fuckin’ Christmas and you DESERVE IT!

Trailer Park Boys Season 9 – behind the scenes!

Go behind the scenes of Trailer Park Boys Season 9 with the Boys! Day 1, and production is just about to start. But then Robb Wells gets a call from set, because some of the park residents are pissed off and complaining – and the cameras haven’t even fucking rolled yet…

We’ll be uploading a new episode every week day to the SwearNet YouTube channel until the S9 premiere on Netflix on March 27!